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Affordable Premium Australian Infant Formula

Natalplex Infant Formula is a premium-quality formula, made using milk sourced exclusively from Australian dairy farmers and available for worldwide distribution.

Our mission is to provide affordable quality Australian-made formula for parents who want the best for their children.

Three Stages From Newborn to Toddler

Every stage is carefully formulated to meet a growing child’s needs.


0 to 6 months

Natalplex ® Premium Gold Stage 1


6 to 12 months

Natalplex ® Premium Gold Stage 2


12+ months

Natalplex ® Premium Gold Stage 3

Natalplex Premium Ingredients

The ingredients in Natalplex Premium Gold Infant Formula are carefully sourced and chosen to meet the high standards for infant formula. We go above and beyond in ensuring that each stage of infant formula is the best possible option for young growing bodies and minds to thrive. To find out more about how some of our ingredients support a babies growth and development, please visit our Ingredient Profiles reference page.

Sourced, Manufactured and Packed in Australia

Unlike other infant formulas on the market, the milk in Natalplex baby formula is from Australian cows and is solely manufactured (sourced, manufactured and packed) in Australia for your benefit.

Compare Natalplex Baby Formula Against Leading Brands

We are confident that Natalplex Premium Gold Infant Formula’s are of exceptional quality. As a parent, how can you be certain that Natalplex Premium Gold infant formula is best for your child? We’ve done the work for you to compare Natalplex Baby Formula against 4 popular baby formula brands.

The Source of our Milk

We use only pure, safe and fresh milk sourced from Australian accredited dairies known for their abundant supply of premium fresh milk, predominately from Victoria’s lush rich grazing farms.

Cows in Australia are raised in pasture-based systems. Australia is renowned for having some of the best dairy products from some of the world’s most pristine pastures. You can be certain that Natalplex Premium Gold infant formulas are made from exceptional Australian quality milk.


If you would like some useful information about using Natalplex Premium Gold Formula, such as preparation instructions and tips on bottle-feeding, visit our FAQs page.